• ALinkToThePasta


    May 26, 2016 by ALinkToThePasta

    Ahoy there! I'm ALTTP.

    I had an idea to change admin colours to something else and to make coulours for all staff members in general

    for now we have Red for crats and Green for admins so I had an idea to make colour suggestions

    1. #996 (colour code) for Admins or Crats

    2. Red for Admins, Crats or Chat Mods

    3. Green for Admins or Chat Mods

    5. Orange for Rollbacks or Admins

    6. #8aa1f0 (Colour code) for Crats, Admins, or Content Moderators/AVASTs (the one we decide upon)

    Comment what colours here you think fit for any position and I'll consider your vote.

    Have a great day!

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